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Ameri Stripe Field Marking Paint

Ameri Stripe White Field Marking Paint
Ameri Stripe White Field Marking PaintAmeri Stripe spray tipAmeri Stripe Gold Field Marking PaintAmeri Stripe Green Field Marking PaintAmeri Stripe Red Field Marking PaintAmeri Stripe Royal Blue Field Marking PaintAmeri Stripe Orange Field Marking Paint
Price: From $62.50 to $75.99
Manufacturer: All American Paint
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Ameri-Stripe field marking paint delivers single-coat coverage, quick-drying results, crisp clear lines and more – all in a convenient aerosol container.
  • Highest opacity/whiteness compared to other brands
  • No hard settling at the bottom of can
  • Water based, Eco-friendly – safe to use on all turfs
  • Low VOC formula
  • Non-clogging applicator tip
  • Can be used on wet turf
  • 18 ounces of product in 20-ounce can (12 cans per case)
  • Made in the USA
Universal Tip
Designed with the end user in mind, our finger-friendly applicator features a wide surface area for one-finger use. The spray nozzle is uniquely designed to sit out of the way of your finger, resulting in no more paint on your fingertips. Fits in most competitors’ aerosol machines. Made in the USA.

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