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Brillant Super TB

Brillant Super TB white
Brillant Super TB whiteBrillant Super TB yellow
Price: $120.00
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Strong on grass as well as turf and for all kinds of weather conditions.
With true flight, perfect balance and for the soft yet firm touch that lets you develop your skills to perfection.
  • Special developed Teijin microfiber synthetic-leather combined with an optimized 3-layer underlining and a patented zero wing bladder gives the ball an improved and more lively bounce and an even lighter and softer touch than ever seen before
  • 2mm microfiber PU cover, soft yet strong
  • Best material on the market - impossible to wear out
  • 32 panel hand-stitched technology ensures optimal and straight flight in the air
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • FIFA Approved.
Available colors: White w/grey/orange & Yellow w/grey/orange
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