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FieldLazer ES 100

FieldLazer ES 100
MSRP: $5,330.00
Price: $4,050.00
You Save: 24 %
Item #: 25U542
Manufacturer: Graco
Manufacturer Part #: 25U542
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FieldLazer ES 100 walk-behind model features durable, lightweight construction for effortless straight lines over even the roughest terrain
Battery-powered simplicity combined with Graco’s professional, paint-saving high-pressure technology.

  • Power: 2 DEWALT 6.0 Ah FlexVolt Batteries
  • Tires: Graco Tall-Wheels
  • Paint Hopper Capacity: 5-gallon bucket
  • Line Width: 2-12 in
  • Weight Dry: 80 lb
  • Operating Pressure: 900 psi
  • Max Tip Size: 0.021 in
  • Adjustable Spray Shields: Standard
  • Fold-Down Handle: Standard
No engine noise, vibration or fumes
  • Reduce user fatigue while delivering perfect lines
  • Improved jobsite conditions
Ultimate Power and Portability
DeWalt 6.0AH FlexVolt Battery
  • Spray up to 10 gallons with two fully charged DeWalt FlexVolt batteries
  • Capable of completing 5 soccer fields, or one complete football field
Fast Charging
DeWalt Fan-Cooled Fast Charger
  • Quickly charges battery in under 60 minutes - reducing downtime
  • Allows contractors to finish jobs without interruptions
Eliminate costly downtime
ProXChange Power-Piston pump
  • No-Tools Pump Replacement System
  • Quickly repair your pump on the field
  • Eliminate downtime waiting on replacement parts or service
  • Long-life piston pump

Improved Line Definition
Adjustable Spray Guides
  • Accuracy in windy conditions
  • Designed to deliver long, straight lines
  • No-tool line width adjustment from 2 to 8 inch line
Precise Spray Control
FieldLazer RAC 5 Tip
  • Turn tip 180° to clear clogs
Smoother Application
Exclusive Tall Wheel Design
  • Easily rolls over rough terrain
  • Reduces operator fatigue
Compact, User-Friendly Design
Fold-Down Handle
  • Fits into minivans, SUVs, even pickups with toppers
Fast and Easy Paint Handling
5-Gallon Bucket-Ready
  • Eliminates hassle of cleaning tanks or pots

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